Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A "Must" Visit: Guadalupe Mountains National Park

The rewards are great for visitors who seek out one of our best-kept secrets tucked into the corner of our region, the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  This is a hikers' park as the highlights of the land can be seen mostly by trail.  The view you see here is of El Capitan, described by Austin American Statesman writer, Pam LeBlanc, " An earth-shattering, mountain-forming uplift forced that fossilized reef up, creating the towering peaks."

This view is also at the end of a heritage bike route, the "El Capitan to El Capitan" which starts in Van Horn and the newly restored historic Hotel El Capitan, an 1930s cattleman's hotel.  This route, Hwy 54, is incredibly scenic, and can easily be traveled by car or motorcycle as well as bicycle!

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