Monday, June 13, 2011

Andromeda Strain!

Science fiction fans!  Michael Crichton fans! Take note!

The opening scenes of The Andromeda Strain (1971), stars a completely recognizable Shafter, Texas.  Called Piedmont, NM in the film, Shafter is the the spot--so the story goes--where a U.S. military satellite has crashed, releasing "something from space," that has killed most of the town's residents.  Since the movie was filmed in Shafter, little has changed...see it for yourself as you head down Hwy 67 from Marfa to Presidio!

The story was penned by Michael Crichton (credits include ER, Jurassic Park and many others), and directed by Robert Wise (The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Star Trek: the Motion Picture and many others).

More information on The Andromeda Strain, including a clip is here.  We saw it ourselves recently on download!

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