Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Tumbleweed Times, History for Kids and Families!

One of the fun aspects of our Texas Mountain Trail program--made possible through our association with the Texas Historical Commission--is our ability to send grant money to worthy projects in Far West Texas that engage folks with history.  Last year, one of the grant recipients was the Tumbleweed Times, sponsored by the El Paso County Historical Commission, the El Paso Independent School District and the El Paso Public Library.  Jeryl Marcus of El Paso wrote and edited the newspaper for schoolchildren all across our six county region in the westernmost portion of the state.

The Fun Page, click in the image to enlarge it!

The four-page, black and white monthly publication has the look, feel and format of a local newspaper. It presents information in a child-friendly, easy-to-read manner and is designed to capture the interest and imagination of both children and adults.

The back page of each issue has a review and retention section – or “Fun Page” with games, puzzles and other clever activities based on information that can be found elsewhere in the paper.  (Click on the large image to read a fun page...our favorite is the maze featuring Van Horn's museum cat!)

A website (http://www.tumbleweedtimes.net/) is a dynamic, colorful supplement to the newspaper. Readers can log on to the website in order to submit feedback, or to offer story ideas, suggestions, letters-to-the-editor, etc.

Both the online and printed versions include the sponsor information and logos as preferred by each of the following sponsor organizations: Texas Heritage Trails Program; Texas Historical Commission of El Paso; El Paso Independent School District; and the El Paso Public Library.

Distribution to elementary schools: Each student in grades three through five received his or her own free copy to read in class and take home to share it with parents, siblings, extended family and others. Teachers, principals and librarians received their own copies as well.

El Paso Independent School District
Alpine Elementary School
Ft. Bliss Post Exchange (PX)
Eagle Elementary School (Van Horn
Marfa Elementary School
El Paso International Airport:
El Paso Visitors and Convention Center
El Paso Public Library
and other locations across the region

Visit Tumbleweed Times' website for more photos and features! 

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