Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From our seat aboard the Sunset Limited, views from the train from Alpine to Houston, part 1

We boarded the train at the Amtrak station in Alpine on Saturday afternoon, as the town was celebrating at their Fiesta del Sol.  We hopped aboard the Sunset Limited, stowing our large suitcase downstairs, and made our way to our assigned seat on the upper level. 
We wanted to take this journey by train, because we wanted to experience something new to share with our travelers to the region, but also, we confess we wanted some time to decompress and think.  Driving or flying didn't seem as conducive to actually relaxing, so we opted for the train...besides, it was a great adventure!

One of the neat surprises--in addition to having plenty of space in our car, so it was relatively quiet--was the ability to really SEE the landscape outside.  We headed out of Alpine and saw the magnificent mountains on the way to Marathon, and of course, the beautiful cloudfilled, blue sky.  Yes, these were all taken from our seat aboard the installment, the sights from the Sunset Limited in our neighboring Texas Pecos Trail region!

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PowerPortal.US said...

thanks for the shots. looking to hit this from Dallas to Pomona, CA this June!