Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Between the Bookstore and the Tracks, Marfa's Food Shark

One place to we heartily recommend to visitors is Marfa's famous "Food Shark"  for a great lunch in the heart of Marfa, located under the shade structure by the railroad tracks.  You can't miss the Shark when it serves Tuesday-Friday (some Saturdays, too)...the lines are usually long!

Folks wait in line because they know they'll be getting terrific and creative meals at the Shark....our favorite?  Their Triple Chocolate Espresso cookie!  Or maybe the Combo Plate with a green salad, hummus, falafel ball, and pita. So wonderful is the food, the Shark has been profiled by travel and food writers and videographers from all over the world.   Take a look at this Italian profile!  It is a hoot!  Or here's a profile by NBC in New York.

Food Shark serves "Mediterrean by way of West Texas" cuisine..our vegetarian and vegan friends like the offerings.  Want to know what's on the menu?  Many days, the Shark posts the special in the "Immediate" section of www.marfalist.org

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