Friday, November 30, 2012

Huh...What's That at the Side of the Road?

On either side of the River Road (Hwy 170) between Terlingua and Presidio is a long stretch of Big Bend Ranch State Park.  Keep a close eye on the south side of the road, very close to the Rio Grande, and what appears to be a little village appears...but really it is an abandoned movie set.  You can park there and explore, and we hope you do, as the place provides a quiet little respite from the road.

The Contrabando Movie Set is featured on a 2013 Big Bend calendar, produced by our friend, Derrick Birdsall.  Derrick is a friend of our Texas Mountain Trail organization, and is donating a portion of the profit to help us continue our work connecting visitors to their own adventure in Far West! 

With the holidays coming (hint!) you may know someone (you?) who'd enjoy one!  Click HERE for information or to order one for yourself!  

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G said...

We had SO much fun playing at the Contrabando site when we were there the last time. We got some REALLY good pics there, too.