Monday, November 05, 2012

Make your holiday reservations NOW!

Snow in the desert by Van Horn's Six Mile Mountain
Holiday time is a GREAT time to visit the Texas Mountains...when we get wintry weather it is beautiful, and the snow melts off right away!  If you're interested in spending either Thanksgiving or the Christmas season with us, best to make your reservations NOW as many properties fill up during holiday time.

Need to find lodging?  A great place to start is our list of cycle-friendly hotels...while you may not be cycling on Thanksgiving or Christmas, these properties are wonderful.
You might want to come early and take advantage of some of our smalltown holiday traditions, including Van Horn's Lighted Holiday Parade set for December 1.
Another great holiday tradition is Thanksgiving Dinner at the Bunkhouse in the center of Big Bend Ranch State Park, at Sauceda Ranch.  Park staff create a wonderful, relaxed dinner with all the trimmings.
 Here's the notice from the park:
Happy Thanksgiving!
November 22, 2012
>>> Back by Popular Demand <<<
How About a Ranch Thanksgiving with Turkey (Of Course) and Ham
All the Trimmings – Some Roped-up with a Cowboy Twist
Get away from Town, the Noise, the Cars, the People
Join us to give Thanks that there is still a place that is Quiet, Remote, Wild, and Scenic
All rolled into one and that’s Big Bend Ranch State Park
Come Early and Stay Late to Enjoy the Park
Thanksgiving Dinner Served 1:00 to 2:00
$15.00 per Person, including Entrance Fee
Please Reserve and Pay Up for Your Slot at the Table
So we will Know how much Grub to Lay In
(There’s No Grocery Store Just Down the Street)
For Reservations and Payment
Call the Park at 432.358.4444
Beginning on October 29th and closing on Monday, November 12th

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