Monday, December 10, 2012

Join us tonight for #FoodieChats!!

Tonight, food lovers everywhere are invited to join a special Twitter chat, and Texas Mountain Trail will be leading the conversation! Here's a great (and free!) opportunity to share our thoughts about dining in Far West Texas with foodies, food bloggers and food writers! 

What is #Foodiechats?
#Foodiechats is a regular Monday evening Twitter chat with foodies, food bloggers and food writers; their hashtag #foodiechats is a regular trending topic on Monday nights from 7-8:30 CENTRAL, 6-7:30 MOUNTAIN time. They have a huge following; we hope to gain their attention!

Our goals?

1) Introduce our beautiful region and our great dining options, so participants can no longer say, "Wait, there are MOUNTAINS in Texas?!?" and encourage them to say, "Huh, looks like you can eat good food out there!"

2) Allow each of YOU to showcase dining options in your community and at your favorite restaurant

How will it work?

Texas Mountain Trail negotiated a non-profit rate to be featured in the FoodieChat's email newsletter, Monday, December 10th. We'll have the opportunity to pose THREE questions which will allow us to showcase Far West Texas to the twitter group:

Though still in draft, those questions will be something like:

Q1 #Foodiechats via @trailgirl What's the best meal you had in the middle of nowhere?
Q2 #Foodiechats via @trailgirl Describe a meal or dish that reflected a place's heritage or history
Q3 #Foodiechats via @trailgirl What's the best meal or most surprising meal you had on the road?

We'll also be posting under our @trailgirl handle, with special content such as a feature on "Dining Along Historic Highways" and other dining options from Marathon and Big Bend all the way to El Paso.

How do you participate?

1) Follow @Foodiechats and @steveGOgreen and @trailgirl on Twitter, and on Monday, December 10, follow the Hashtag #Foodiechats.

2) Following the hashtag allows you to view and respond to everyone who is on the weekly chat. Include each response with the #Foodiechats hashtag, and you're in the chat

3) Answer the questions, post photos of places, restaurants, dishes via Twitter or Instagram to the #Foodiechat hashtag Please ALSO add the hashtag #TexMtns to your tweet, and if you'd like, a hashtag for your community, such as #Alpine #Marfa #ElPaso (And YES! Posting photos, while not required, give folks a sense of the beauty of our region and our dining options!)

Our success depends on the number of folks participating! Grab your Twitter friends, and encourage them to get tweeting about dining in our Texas Mountain Trail region!

Do you have questions about how to participate? Email us at

We are offering this opportunity as a free way to promote your community and your favorite restaurant.

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