Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What does the Texas Mountain Trail do?

Wildflowers in Big Bend National Park
We also travel all over Texas, visiting with folks, encouraging
them to head to the mountains and find their own adventure.
We visit one-on-one with 8,000 and 10,000 people a year, at
outdoor stores, marathon expos, travel shows, cycling events,
anywhere we think we'll find travelers with a special affinity to
the region.

We let you know what's happening in Far West Texas, from special events of note, to when the wildflowers are blooming, EVERY DAY we offer information and images through this blog (more than 1,700 daily entries so far), our website, our Facebook page, and Twitter account.

Special anniversary event
at Brewster County Courthouse, Alpine

Unburned campsite at Davis Mtns
State Park, April 2011
 When we're especially needed, like during the April 2011 wildfire, we spread the word about Fort Davis'  attractions and hotels surviving...even before the Chamber of Commerce could get back into their offices.  Through our work with reporters and list-serves, we prevented rumors from taking hold.
We're sharing special stories with you on social media, like our "Dining Along Historic Highways," which not only offers heritage information, but ideas for places you can visit and dine today.  Last fall we offered a "Day at the Fort" project through videos with bugle calls at Fort Davis, and a "Cycling in 1895" feature on El Paso.  We have more projects in line for the coming months, including boot-making and the CCC legacy in the region.

Dining Along Historic Highways,
one of our social media storytelling projects
We also work with our communities to provide special services for visitors, including our cycle-friendly hotels, our historic hotels list, the Peak Fitness Challenge and the Far West Texas Wildlife Trail.  Without Texas Mountain Trail, these special services would not exist in the region!
JOIN us! 
Our Texas Mountain Trail relies on support from visitors and residents of Far West Texas, and we're incredibly grateful for donors and volunteers!  JOIN us today, and click HERE to become a member!  We're offering terrific benefits and membership levels start at $25!   

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