Saturday, February 02, 2013

Concordia Cemetery, Buffalo Soldier resting place

El Paso is a city of surprising charm, and a diligent community of Texas heritage champions make it a wonderful city for discovering our past.  Take note of the Buffalo Soldier section of Concordia Cemetery.

Don't know about Buffalo Soldiers? Read this from our Texas Mountain Trail website:

"Buffalo Soldiers, a name the Plains Indians gave to the African American cavalry regiments serving the frontier after the Civil War, represent the genesis of the long struggle to integrate both the U.S. military and a society moving towards a more democratic union. Made up of both volunteers and draftees, the cavalry and infantry regiments-two out of four segregated African American regiments authorized by Congress-fought in the Indian wars, battling the likes of Apache, Comanche, and Sioux warriors.

Despite their courage and valor on the battlefield, Buffalo Soldiers received only moderately better treatment by the Anglo society than the Native Americans they were conscripted to fight against. Once the Indian Wars ended, Buffalo Soldiers continued to serve the military by fighting on several fronts, yet they suffered the afflictions of segregation along with the rest of the state's African American community. Although the two cavalry units were eventually disbanded, the remaining regiments continued fighting for the country well into World War ll. The final segregated regiment was disbanded in 1951 and its soldiers were integrated into units serving in Korea. Today, Buffalo Soldiers reside among the list of our most venerated warrior veterans and their heritage is celebrated with reenactments, literary accounts of their exploits, and in film.

Buffalo Soldier re-enactors at a TWPD event
Pictured above is the gate to the Buffalo Soldier Memorial in this special place.   Visitation information is here.

Click HERE to see "before" and "after" photos of this portion of the cemetery....its many volunteers have done a wonderful job honoring early African American soldiers in the region. 

Concordia Cemetery volunteers corralled the resources of many individuals and groups to honor the souls who contributed to the development of the region, including this group.

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