Friday, February 08, 2013

Snuggling by the Fire in the Big House, Big Bend Ranch State Park

Many visitors to Sauceda, the historic ranch in the center of Big Bend Ranch State Park, point to the "Big House" and say, "I want to stay THERE."  Rustic elegance is there for you:  queen beds, bathrooms, a shared kitchen and the romance of an adobe fireplace in your room!  Built in 1908 and remodeled in the 1940s, the Big House is a terrific opportunity to step back into ranching history.  Don't expect city elegance...but DO expect a great experience, peace and quiet and beautiful sunrises and sunsets!
Fireplace in one of the guest rooms
Colored Mexican tile was installed in the 1950s by
Manny and Patricia Stewart Folkes

Shared kitchen with large windows (for viewing the sunset!)

Click here to see more pictures, and learn more about booking your stay in the Big House.  Make sure your vehicle is up to the rugged 27 mile ride to Sauceda.  The speed limit is 25 mph and you won't want to go any faster than that! Click HERE to read the park's flyer on a Walking Tour of Historic Sauceda Ranch!

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