Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Remote landscape shows evidence of early life--Metates

Near a remote landscape in Big Bend Ranch State Park
Last week, we visited extremely remote portions of Texas' wildest state park, Big Bend Ranch, with TPWD guide, Blaine Hall.  He took us to places we couldn't have found on our own, including this place in an undisclosed location where earlier people--possibly Comanche--made fires (notice the ash-colored ground in the photo below?) and ground grain on the metates.  To learn about the ranger-led programs and tours offered by the park, page down to "Ranger Programs," on this page.

Metates or grinding stones at the site
Big Bend Resorts and Adventures'
Putting green behind the motel and
RV/Campground in Terlingua
Big Bend Resorts and Adventures
Close to the entrance of Big Bend National Park in Terlingua is Big Bend Resorts and Adventures, a lodging property with motel, RV and tent camping.  On our cycle-friendly list of properties, the folks at Big Bend Resorts also offer golf, horseback riding, and specialized tours of the area.  Don't want to take your own car down rugged park roads?  Let them do the driving (and the guiding) for you! 

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