Thursday, June 27, 2013

Frijole Ranch

Training session at the orchard at Frijole Ranch in
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Texas Master Naturalists gather around Frijole Ranch
to receive training from ranger Michael Haynie, preparing
to lead interpretive hikes at the park during the fall color
period...stay tuned for more information! 

This weekend, three chapters of Texas Master Naturalists, along with our own Texas Mountain Trail received training from rangers at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  The three chapters are volunteering to lead interpretive hikes during the fall colors.

Frijole Ranch is along the Smith Spring Trail, part of our Peak Fitness Challenge and a Texas Mountain Trail Heritage Hike.  The Smith family operated their truck farming operation for nearly 40 years.
Read more about Frijole Ranch here. It is a great story of survival and perseverence.

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