Friday, January 17, 2014

Reopening tomorrow: Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center!

A summertime sighting at
Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center
Juniper Hairstreak
Great Davis Mountains hiking trails at
Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center!
Tomorrow, one of our favorite places in the Davis Mountains is reopening to visitors, the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center, just outside of Fort Davis.

We love hiking on the the trails, exploring the botanical gardens, and visiting the Cactus Greenhouse to see what's blooming...and something is blooming nearly every time we visit!

From the moment we pull off Hwy 118 (the road from Fort Davis to Alpine) and head through the front gate to the visitors center anticipation builds.  We enjoy the view of the lush grasslands--this time of year--a buttery golden color and a hint of the mountain views we'll see from the Center's hiking trails.  Our check-in at the Visitors Center reveals a whiteboard where other visitors have recorded their "sightings" of birds and animals.  We can't wait to add our own experiences to the list!

This is a GREAT place to spend your Saturday...go there tomorrow!
View from Modesta Canyon trail
Cactus Greenhouse

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