Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Want to be a Goat Cheese Intern?

Late last year, we worked on a joint project with Texas Folklife profiling a few folks in our region engaged in food production.  It was our pleasure to attend the goat cheese-making workshop and interview Malinda Beeman of Marfa Maid Goat Cheese.   Malinda clued us in then that they were about to offer an internship to just the right person.  Last week, they posted a notice:

Marfa Maid Goat Cheese Intern Program

We operate a grade A licensed goat milk dairy and cheese making facility . The dairy is located two miles from Marfa in the Big Bend Region of West Texas. This is an area well known for its beautiful landscape. Marfa is considered a cultural destination with many activities year round.

Our dairy makes fresh goat cheese (chevre, feta, yogurt) on as seasonal basis from our small herd of Alpine/Nubian mix dairy goats. These products are available in the groceries, farmers markets and restaurants of the three towns of our area, Marfa, Fort Davis and Alpine.

We hope to have volunteers stay up to six months in our most busy season, from April to September. The two areas we most need help would be caring and milking the goats. The other need is to have assistance in the cheese kitchen to process the milk and make the various cheese products . This would also include cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen and equipment. Volunteers could also be a part of delivering the product and attending the local farmers market. The work load would be 5 days a week with 4-6 hours devoted daily to each area.

English is the preferred language however Spanish speakers could be accommodated. We do not discriminate for age, gender, ethnicity etc. We are looking for responsible people who love animals, have a love of food, healthy and enthusiastic.

The housing is a refurbished metal trailer (330 square feet) with bathroom, kitchen , sitting area and a bedroom. Volunteers will be given a $200 a month stipend) for food, if a couple comes together, the stipend will be $300 a month.

For more information email us at marfamaid.dairy@gmail.com or phone (432) 729-3987

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