Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Big Bend's Big Hill

River Road looking west over the Rio Grande
Possibly one of the most scenic spots along one of the most scenic highways in the state of Texas is the Big Hill on Hwy 170.  Connecting Terlingua/Study Butte to Presidio, Hwy 170, also known as the River Road is a highlight of any visit to Big Bend.

National Geographic says this about the River Road:

"From Shafter, drive to Presidio and pick up signs for the River Road (FM-170); the 67-mile (108-kilometer) stretch between Presidio and Study Butte offers photo-worthy scenery along the way. On your right are glimpses of the usually muddy Rio Grande, its banks half hidden by cane. Local resident Bill MacLeod, author of River Road Vistas, recommends the following: "Stop at the top of Big Hill overlooking the Santana Basin for the single best view in the whole world."

And our friends at Lajitas cite the road's status as one of the 50 most scenic in the country (by Readers Digest) and a Top 20 Bucket List item by Texas Monthly! 

There's a great place to stop at the top of Big Hill to see the scenic vistas, both east and west.   Read more about the River Road on the Lajitas website, here
River Road looking east
Plenty of room for travelers to stop at the top, park the car,
and get out and enjoy the view

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