Friday, February 28, 2014

Bluebonnets, Events and THANK YOU!

Now's a great time to head to the Big Bend to see
the bluebonnets along Hwy 170, the scenic River Road!

Last night the region proved there are PLENTY of us who want to to work together to plan great events for our communities and for our travelers.  We were bowled over, frankly, at the to-capacity crowd that showed up at the (wonderful) Big Bend Telephone community room in Alpine for our 1st Annual Events Summit. 
Photo: courtesy of Marfa Public Radio
Our work for tonight was to build the first every regional PLANNERS calendar, so our community leaders can find marketing partners and the perfect dates for upcoming events. 

We were told, "good luck getting people to work together," but the region showed the pessimists, and our crowd was easily double the size we expected.  By working together, our regional event planners and community leaders will have better offerings for YOU, the traveler!  Take a look at the great events on our calendar now! 

A huge thanks should be extended to our sponsors:  the City of Alpine, and Museum of the Big Bend; and Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center, Hotel Paisano, the Gage Hotel, Holland Hotel, Big Bend Resorts and AdventuresMaverick Inn, Saddle Club, Century Bar and Grill, Sierra la Rana, Texas Mountain Realty, St. James Episcopal Church, Blue Sky Productions, and Senator Jose Rodriquez.  BIG thanks also to the event organizer, the hardworking Paige Phelps of Marfa, and our Texas Mountain Trail board members who supported and contributed to this event, including Liz Jackson of the Museum of the Big Bend, Robert Alvarez of the Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce, Abby Garza of the Alpine Chamber of Commerce, Travis Roberts, Linda Hedges of TPWD.  Also thanks to Stewart Ramser, our partner with the Big Bend and Texas Mountain Travel Guide, Chris Ruggia of Visit Alpine; and our volunteers, Monte Riggs and Teresa Caldwell, the Texas Heritage Trails Program Director of the Texas Historical Commission.

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