Thursday, March 13, 2014


One of the warm pools at Chinati Hot Springs
The cool pool (conventional swimming pool) at
Hot Springs

There are two places travelers can gain access to geo-thermal heated water for a good long soak:  Chinati Hot Springs in Presidio County (roughly between Marfa and Presidio) and the historic Hot Springs area of Big Bend National Park.  Chinati Hot Springs offered relaxed lodging or camping in a remote area with several choices of soaking options.  Historic Hot Springs in Big Bend National Park offers a short hike rich with experiences: historic structures, ancient rock art, the rivers' flora and fauna and a warm soak right at the edge of the Rio Grande. 
Ruins of a hot springs spa
in Big Bend National Park still
offers a warm soak
Near the trailhead at the historic
Hot Springs in Big Bend National Park
buildings left from when the area
was a health spa and resort

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