Sunday, March 23, 2014

Texas Madrone in bloom at CDRI

We took a short noontime hike down the Modesta Canyon Trail at the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center on Wednesday, and look what we found!  The Texas Madrone in bloom! 

From the Nature Center's website:

"Modesta Canyon Trail (1.75 miles)
The hike into Modesta Canyon features permanent springs and pools, fascinating geology, and a rich display of flora and fauna. Here you’ll find huge madrone trees, majestic southwestern chokecherries, and some of the largest Tracey hawthorns in the state. Over 17 species of ferns are found tucked into crevices along the canyon walls. This 1.75 mile, moderate to difficult hike, is a favorite for those who love plants and birds. Please protect the fragile ecology of the springs by staying out of the water."

We also found ferns, bright green and thriving near the pool next to the Madrone! 

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