Thursday, July 02, 2009

Big Bend Ranch Paintings in London: Karime Baeza

Eleven Presidio High School students will have their artwork displayed at London's Saatchi Art Gallery this summer. Among the works displayed is, "Chilis and Ajo," by 18 year old, Karime Baeza. "I really did not know what to draw when we were given the assignment by Ms. Holman. I chose the red chiles because of my cultural influence. I chose to use pastels because I really like working with them."

Presidio High School was selected from other schools around the world in a competition that is overseen by the Saatchi Art Gallery. The 11 student works are centered around the beauty of the Big Bend region, focusing in on the Big Bend Ranch State Park and Fort Leaton.
Laurie Holman is the art teacher at Presidio High School. More about the exhibition is here.

For more information on Big Bend Ranch State Park, click here and here.

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