Saturday, July 18, 2009

A fresh look at Marfa

We are thoroughly enchanted by the photographs created by the 13 lady photographers on Marfa{trip} Blog., so we're featuring their photographs for three days straight. This is one of our favorites. (Who doesn't want to do cartwheels in the middle of a deserted road?)

Their blog says it best,

"We are 13 lady photographers from all over the US who decided to get together, form relationships, support one another and create some incredible bonds of friendship. We created this blog to serve as a way to share our adventures with one another and with you. We are excited to share the adventure of our travels. Come join us to see 13 photographers gather together. Some exciting adventures await! Here's to MARFA!"

Be sure to visit their blog, to see more images. And come right back here tomorrow and Monday!

Here's a couple of links to help you plan your visit to Marfa. Here and here.

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