Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Guadalupe Mountains from the Salt Flats

This lovely shot on a rare cloudy day, was taken by Val Provencio of El Paso. In the background, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, a great place to hike!

The National Park Service website says this about the Salt Flat (in the foreground):

"Upon approaching the Guadalupe Mountains from the west, visitors traveling from the El Paso area will pass through a landscape of barren beauty. The Salt Flats are a remnant of an ancient, shallow lake that once occupied this area during the Pleistocene Epoch, approximately 1.8 million years ago."

To read more about the Salt Flat, click here. It has an incredible history, including a regional war over its resources.

For more information on Guadalupe Mountains National Park, visit:

For information on hiking in the park and across the region, visit:

Thanks, Val, for sharing your beautiful photo!

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