Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hospitality Heroes: Big Bend Ranch State Park

Big Bend Ranch State Park staff members receive the Hospitality Heroes Award!
When we announced we were going to honor people in the region who went out of their way to deliver extrordinary service to visitors, this story from Facebook friend, Derrick Birdsall stood out and we felt was most deserving of recognition.  So early last month, we presented staff members of Big Bend Ranch State Park with our Hospitality Heroes Award:

o        "Over the first week of January, the staff and crew at Big Bend Ranch State Park came to the rescue! I was traveling with a group of friends in the Big Bend Country. We spent three days camping at the National Park and the plan was to spend three days at the State Park. At some point in the National Park, someone was able to hop online on their smart phone and see that the weather was deteriorating rapidly. We were all experienced hikers and campers, but the thought of spending three nights in zero degree weather was not appealing to us at all. Enter the Park staff and the bunkhouse! Barrett Durst and his staff went out of the way to make sure that we were safe and sound inside the bunkhouse while we rode out the epic storm. Fighting freezing temperatures (and pipes!), the staff kept our group warm and safe in what could have otherwise been horrific weather conditions outside. Three days that could have been quite uncomfortable were instead rather pleasant.

Barrett is the new head man at the Park and I'm sure that his energy and enthusiasm (he was working overtime and on his day off when we left) will help bring the Ranch the attention it deserves."
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