Sunday, July 10, 2011

You can see for miles and miles with little trace of man

One of our favorite places is a road connecting Hwy 90 to Fort Davis' Scenic Loop...FM 505 is a long, mostly flat stretch of road that allows you to see large swaths of land and sky with very little evidence of man in the way.  It is a wonderful place to see raptors and sometimes pronghorn. To get there, head south from Van Horn, through Valentine.  About seven miles south of Valentine, there's a turnoff to the east...that's 505. 

This road had a starring role in a sweet film about small town Texas (starring Fort Davis), called "Dancer, Texas, Pop. 81".  In fact a view of the road begins this movie! 

For more information on movies shot in the region, visit our webpage, here!

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gumo said...

I agree with you about this wonderful stretch. Since there is no shoulder, it gives me even a better feeling of isolation and freedom.

I also enjoy the film, too, and am always looking for familiar places in Fort Davis from the film.