Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hot? How about a Raspa?

When the temperatures go up...and even when they don't...a fun place for sweet treats and interesting shopping is Murphy Street Raspa Co., just behind the Amtrak station in Alpine.
What's a Raspa?  Their website says, "A raspa is a shaved ice treat SLASH! snow cone. Raspa comes from the Spaniardian word “raspar”, meaning to scrape. Anyways, you hear it called a raspado in certain parts but we’re gonna keep it simple." and " So why don’t you just say shaved ice?" 'Cuz it sounds so...bleh..."
Can you tell this is a fun place?  Yes, it is.  They also serve ice cream, coffee, limonda and Mexican sodas, making it a perfect refuge from summer heat when you're shopping in beautiful downtown Alpine!

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