Thursday, September 08, 2011

Look at that sky! You can't see this at home....

Double-click on this image to get a closer view...amazing!
Our friend, Steve Kennedy, captured one of our region's best assets...our unspoiled night sky.  Here are two particularly wonderful images Steve took in the center of Big Bend National Park in Chisos Basin.   (See Casa Grande in the first image?)  Double-click on either image to get a closer view...and be AMAZED.  Yes, it does look like this in person...come and take a look for yourself!  To learn more about the night sky, consider visiting Fort Davis' McDonald Observatory.

Many travelers visit several communities on their trip to the mountains, and our hoteliers are often some of our best guides to the region.  Steve, and his wife Carla, who run the Old Schoolhouse B&B and Hope's Ranch Guest House in Fort Davis are thoroughly knowledgable about the region and can offer suggestions for travelers.  Both of their properties participate in our Texas Mountain Trail cycle-friendly program.  Steve's an avid cyclist, knows all the roads and routes and even has simple biking tools and supplies available. 

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gumo said...

Boy, that is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I was at the observatory in August and couldn't visit because they had a private event going on. I think the board of directors and family or something. Big to-do.