Saturday, September 10, 2011

View of the Davis Mountains, Hiking down from Mt Livermore

High in the Davis Mountains, hiking down from the summit of Mt Livermore we're treated to some of the best views anywhere.  Owned by The Nature Conservancy, this unique place is protected for us to enjoy.  From their website:  "Rising above the Chihuahuan desert, the range forms a unique “sky island” surrounded by the lowland desert. Animals and plants living above 5,000 feet are isolated from other similar mountain ranges by vast distances. These are true ecological islands, preserving living remnants that occur otherwise nowhere else in Texas."

Open public access is available on special days set aside by The Nature Conservancy.  Next on the schedule may be a few months away, but it is a special plan ahead.  Why not come out to the mountains to select and cut your own Christmas Tree, December 3 or 10?

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