Monday, June 11, 2012

Beating the Heat on the Porches of Fort Davis

On hot summer days, porches beckon.  What better place to rest, and take in the soft desert mountain breezes?  Enjoy the shade, and some history at Fort Davis National Historic Site.
As you sit, you'll hear the bugle calls which signal the time of day and the work taking place at the Fort.  Visit our "Day at the Fort" pages to hear them! 

Other great Fort Davis area porches include the CCC-built Indian Lodge, of Southwestern Native-American-style adobe construction in the manner of a multi-level pueblo village.

Great porchsitting and hummingbird watching can be yours at Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center, just steps away from desert gardens and hiking trails.

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Melissa said...

Love the pictures. With West Texas Summer heat "Porch Sitting" and watching the world go by, all the while sipping on a glass or ice cold tea, is the only way to go!