Friday, June 29, 2012

Franklin Mountains State Park by Dan Baeza and Prizes for Holiday Hikers in the Peak Fitness Challenge!

Photos by Dan Baeza,
All this week we're featuring the work of Van Horn native, Dan Baeza, who spent three weeks with the Texas Mountain Trail and the Clark Hotel Museum on a photography internship earlier this summer.  Dan spent a day in El Paso, shooting Franklin Mountains State Park, one of the parks participating in our Peak Fitness Challenge.  Dan did a great job capturing many of our region's attractions, including several in his hometown of Van Horn.

Starting tomorrow and through Monday, July 9, hikers logging miles in our Peak Fitness Challenge will be eligible for a prize drawing!  Don't know about the Challenge?

It is a cooperative effort between Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Franklin Mountains State Park, Texas Mountain Trail and, with the goal of getting people out on our spectacular hiking trails.  Beginning hikers are welcomed, as are experienced trail runners and everyone in between.  Sign up online at  and add your likes to your total....we'll pick three hikers at random who've logged in hours during the July 4th holiday period (the weekend before, the week of and the weekend after!) for prizes.  And we'll have prize drawings every month, too!  There are easy, moderate and difficult hikes in the Challenge....start where you're comfortable and have a great time!

This is a great way to motivate yourself to explore our parks, and maybe, maybe work up to climbing the highest peaks in both parks, including the highest point in Texas....Guadalupe Peak!  And here's the Peak Fitness Challenge page on the Guadalupe Peak hike.

Here's the link to the Peak's Facebook !
Sign up for the Challenge, HERE!  

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