Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ojito Adentro Trail in Big Bend Ranch State Park--water, even in a drought

View of the trail from the trailhead.  Look beyond the ocotillo to the green of the cottonwoods...that's where we're going!
A cool, fern-covered pool in the center of the desert!
Big Bend Ranch State Park has some wonderful hiking opportunities, including some treks to water.  Even in the desert, even during a drought, the Ojito Adentro trail delivers a surprise after a stroll through flatland with prickly pear, a scramble over rocks, to a cottonwood covered streambed.  And then...more scrambling over rocks to a lovely pool area covered with ferns!

The trailhead (top photo) is about halfway on the road to the center of the park, the road to Sauceda Ranch. When you park your car, you can see your destination...the green of the cottonwood trees in the distance gives you just a hint as to what's greeting you at the end of the trail!

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