Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Starting Tomorrow: Telling the Story of Cycling in 1895 in West Texas!

There were several shops in El Paso selling bicycles in 1895!
 Click on the clipping to get a closer view!
One of our friends, Melissa Sargent of El Paso, rides as Annie Londonderry!
In 1895, El Paso--along with much of the country-- was in the middle of a full-blown cycling craze.  Over the next few days and just past the July 4th holiday, we'll share clips and stories of what it was like to be a cyclist in El Paso.  The city was waiting for famed woman cyclist, Annie Londonderry, to head into town. Annie was on her legendary trip around the world by bicycle; she was the first woman to do so, and El Paso was a city full of her champions!

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