Friday, June 22, 2012

Texas Mountain Trail Heritage Hikes--Easy Pinery Station Trail

Stone ruins of Pinery Station
A place to rest along the trail and catch some shade
The Peak Fitness Challenge we launched yesterday incorporates hikes with historical significance ...and there's a variety of hikes for beginning to experienced hikers and trail runners!   We've called them Texas Mountain Trail Heritage Hikes, and today's featured hike is the Pinery Trail in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

This hike takes you to the ruins of the stagecoach station, where in September 28, 1858, the first coach carrying mail and passengers made a meal stop on its inaugural journey across the U.S. The Pinery, named for nearby stands of pine, was one of the best stops for the Butterfield Overland Mail Stage along the line from Missouri to California, because of abundant water. The stop was used less than a year, as the route passing through Guadalupe Pass was abandoned for a more southerly route through Fort Davis.

This is an easy trail of less than a mile, with very little elevation gain.  The trail's pathway is easy for almost anyone to navigate.  

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BONUS--1895 Cycling Story!
  Here's a little poem in the June 22, 1895 El Paso Herald ...a message from an Alpine cyclist!  

For more clips about the cycling craze in 1895, follow along on our Texas Mountain Trail facebook page or our Twitter account!  

We'll be rolling out the whole story in the weeks to come!   

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