Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Bend Every Day of the Year

Our Texas Mountain Trail organization has GREAT friends, TERRIFIC friends, TALENTED friends!  Among them is a frequent contributor to this blog, Derrick Birdsall.  Derrick recently contacted us with an idea:  he wanted to produce a 2013 Big Bend area calendar for the holiday season and he wanted to share a (generous) portion of the profit from sales with Texas Mountain Trail!  We were thrilled! 

Today's Daily Photo entry is an image from that very calendar!  Would you like to browse through the other images...and perhaps purchase a copy or two for your holiday shopping?  Follow this link!  (We'll show other images from the calendar in coming days!)

From Derrick:

"I can't say enough about the benefit of the Texas Mountain Trail to travelers to a fantastic part of the state. Let's face it, Texas is HUGE. If Texas were tiny like those little east coast states, we wouldn't have need of things like the Regional Trail system. However, as we all know, Texas is huge. What that means is that someone like myself, from north Texas, up in the DFW area,doesn't have the local knowledge that can make or break a hard earned vacation.

As it is, I have received help from the TMT on lodging, travel and eating options and I have yet to be let down. The fine folks at the TMT help me to ensure that my well deserved breaks from a hectic work life are relaxed and stress free - and you just can't place a value on that!!

In addition, I have had two occasions in the past six months to travel to the region on business, to show folks from out of town all that the area has to offer. Once again, the TMT was able to assist in planning and lodging - allowing me to show visitors such a wonderful part of our state."

There are 13 images in the calendar in for each month, plus a bonus!  All from our beautiful Texas Mountain Trail region....enjoy!  And big big BIG thanks to Derrick for supporting Texas Mountain Trail!

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