Monday, October 01, 2012

Terlingua Sunset

Saturday's sunset from Big Bend Resorts and Adventure, Terlingua
We're just back from our weekend adventure in Big Bend National Park, having participated in the Friends of Big Bend National Park's National Public Lands Day work project, the subject of future posts!

Though staying in the park itself is a special experience, sometimes you want to have more options for dining--and exploring the Terlingua area is something everyone should do.

We stayed at Big Bend Resort and Adventures, the closest motel to the park's entrance at Terlingua/Study Butte, which gave us a TERRIFIC view of the sunset on Saturday.  We arrived late on Friday night, and appreciated being able to order a pizza at the store next to the motel.  We halso enjoyed a hearty breakfast at the store's restaurant Sunday morning!  This property offers just about anything you'd need--food and drink, ice, gas--there's even a laundry and a party space, golf, and stables nearby for riding.  The Resort has motel rooms, tent camping and RV spaces too.  If there's an adventure you'd like to try, but want a guide, the folks at the resort can arrange it for you.  And the Resort is one of our Texas Mountain Trail cycle-friendly properties, too.

Saturday night we headed to Terlingua Ghosttown for dinner at the Starlight Theatre and to take some photos in the historic Terlingua Cemetery. 

A few days ago, we featured "Baby" the Resort's big "shopcat" and asked your suggestions for a better name.  Our Facebook friends offered "Big Ben," "BB," "Cinnabar," "El Capitan," and "Tough!"

We always love a little rub from this big orange boy, we hope you'll visit the motel office and get some good cat lovin' too!

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