Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Visitor Photos of Fall Color!

McKittrick Canyon in late September
by Jim Mackey of Houston
One of the highlights of visiting our region this time of year is the the true fall color in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and we're eager to hear your experiences on the trail.  Our friend, Jim Mackey of Houston took some pics on his trip to the park in late September, when color was JUST beginning to show.

Fall color by Jim Mackey
First up, the start of color on McKittrick Canyon Trail, one of the trails in the Peak Fitness Challenge and a Texas Mountain Trail Heritage Hike.

McKittrick's history:  "McKittrick Canyon is thought to be named after one of the first settlers to stay in the area, Felix McKittrick, who worked cattle in the area in the 1870’s. Distinguished oilman and geologist Wallace Pratt was taken by the beauty and geology of McKittrick Canyon, when he first visited the area in 1921. He built a cabin of local stone in 1930, at the junction of north and south McKittrick Canyons, and used it as a summer home until 1960. Wallace E. Pratt donated nearly 6,000 acres, which included McKittrick Canyon, to the National Park Service, forming the core of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park."

Click here to read more about McKittrick Canyon!

The peak of color is usually late October through early November; plan to visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park soon!  Thanks for the photos, Jim!

Upcoming guided hikes in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, here!  (Including hikes THIS weekend!)

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