Monday, January 16, 2012

Exploring the old ranches in Big Bend National Park

One of the things we enjoy doing in Big Bend National Park is exploring the old ruins and contemplating the life of early settlers and ranchers in the area.  One of the neatest places to do this--and there's shade!--is at the Sam Nail Ranch site off Ross Maxwell Drive.  Here's what the park's website says about the area:

"One of the many homesteads that once dotted the Big Bend, the Sam Nail Ranch now provides shade and water for desert wildlife. A windmill still pumps water and attracts a great variety of birdlife. Sit quietly on the benches and listen for javelina, painted buntings, and hummingbirds."

The 0.5 mile trail there is easy to navigate and is well maintained.  It leads through the old homestead of Sam and Nena Nail, where remnants of an adobe structure and two windmills remain.

Click here to learn more about the sights on Ross Maxwell Drive!

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