Thursday, January 05, 2012

Mount Livermore, 1914

Lunch on Mount Livermore
This week we're featuring current photos of Mount Livermore with the 1914 journal entries of Mary Sophie Young.

 August 21, 1914

"Friday I started shortly after eight o'clock for another tramp to Livermore.  The only available lunch was one huge pancake and some bacon.  It was not an attractive lunch and I did not in the least enjoy eating it.  Cold pancake is not, at best, very appetizing, nor could bacon either.  O, for one grocery store!"

"I went up the canyon by way of the bed of the stream and found it much better than our first climb.  There are many rock falls that help one out, like staircases.  It was on one of these slopes that I found my rattlesnake.  He was lying in a crack between two rocks, taking a nap with his head and upper part of his body sticking out.  I thought, from the cross stripes on his body, that he might be a rattler.  I thought at first of shooting him, but decided that, as rocks were bigger than bullets, the chances of hitting him were greater with rocks, so I gathered an armful and opened fire."

Quotes from American Women Afield by Marcia Myers Bonta and Texas A&M Press.

Today we let snakes be and give them a wide berth if they aren't threatening!

Mount Livermore is held by The Nature Conservancy and its Davis Mountains Preserve.

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