Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remembering Judy

Judy's burro parked outside the Valentine post office
This time of year, we remember a woman who was a fixture in the region for a long, long time, Judy Magers.  Also known as the Burro Lady, she rode all over our region on the back of her burro, spending nights on the side of the road on blankets and under a bright blue tarp. She lived out in the elements, keeping mostly to herself, and seeing her along the side of the road was a special experience. You can read more about her here.  She passed on a few years ago about this time of year, from natural causes.  She often traveled through Van Horn, stopping at the McDonalds, or the laundromat, or the post office.  This time of year, especially, we remember her with fondness.  To us, and to many travelers, she embodied the region's feeling of freedom.

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Laurie Holman said...

I sure miss seeing her around town! She was an icon for this area and led her life just as she wanted! :)