Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Get off the freeway and visit Van Horn's El Mercado and Farmers Market

If you're heading east or west on I-10, you know there aren't very many stops of interest...at least compared to more populated parts of the country.  But a little bit of exploring can reap some big rewards in rest from the grind of miles of miles of freeway traffic...and the little town of Van Horn offers some smalltown charm, especially when you know what to look for!

Take any of the three exits at Van Horn and head north a block or two to Broadway, the main thoroughfare in town.  In the center of the historic area of "downtown" on Broadway (a couple of blocks west of the historic Hotel El Capitan), you'll find the town's El Mercado.  Most days there's at least one vendor there with fresh fruit and vegetables, including local favorites like chile and mango.  Sometimes there's Mexican style cheese, corn husks for tamales.  On special event days, you may find a band there!

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