Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Backyard Eating in Alpine

From time to time, we like to recommend a unique, out-of-the-way place, visitors might have a hard time finding on their own.  Today, we're doing that for Alpine's own backyard taco stand, with Baja style tacos at la yarda.  Located behind Murphy Street Raspa Co, which is behind Alpine's Amtrak station, dining there is literally dining in someone's backyard, augmented with misters when it is hot, playground equipment, patio chairs, and a relaxed ambiance like no other.
Appearing yellow, due to the overhead shading device, we enjoyed the "Special," smoked chicken tacos with spicy ginger sauce and mango slaw.  DELICIOUS!!
Mural in the backyard at la yarda in Alpine
Order your food at the taco stand, then head through the back door of Murphy Street Raspa for your drinks, your shaved ice raspa, or ice cream, then take a seat to enjoy your meal in the backyard.  It is a colorful place, with places for kids to play and plenty of shaded seating.

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