Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easy Peak Fitness Challenge Hike Takes You on a Historic Stagecoach Route!

View of Guadalupe Mountains National Park through a stagecoach window, heading south to the Pinery Station
Ruins of the Pinery Station for the Butterfield Overland Stage, in Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Our Peak Fitness Challenge is open to anyone who is eager to stroll, hike or run in our Texas Mountains, specifically Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Franklin Mountains State Park.   We've selected trails for all activity level, including very easy ones for beginning hikers or for those who like to take their time for an easy stroll.  An example is the Pinery Trail, to the site of a historic stagecoach stop, in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

See the elevation chart for the Pinery Trail, notes of difficulty (easy!) and trail surface on the Peak Fitness Challenge website, here.  Read about the Pinery Station and the Butterfield Overland Stage on the park's website, here and here!

Joining the Challenge is free and easy, and once you log hiking miles on the website, you'll be eligible for prizes too!   Start your sign up here, and join in all fun!

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