Monday, August 06, 2012

Lodging at Big Bend Ranch State Park's the Big House

Deep within the center of Big Bend Ranch State Park, miles from any other lodging opportunity is the lovely 1908 historic ranch house.  Restored in the 1940s, the house has a relaxed graciousness that offers a cool refuge from the heat, and comfortable modern conveniences. 

You won't find television or internet in the Big House, but you will find comfortable beds, elaborately tiled bathtubs, a full kitchen, and plenty of places to relax including a large patio.

Information about booking a room in the Big House and the park's nearby bunkhouse is here.

The Big House is located in the center of the Sauceda Historic District.  Click here to download a walking tour!  An excerpt from that walking guide of the district is below:

The Bogel sons established their ranch headquarters
here. They began running stock on the once rich grasslands
of the surrounding plateau, turning later to raising
sheep and goats. In the years before the widespread use
of barbed wire, stone fences helped manage the livestock,
and the fences stand today as reminders of the Bogels’
enterprise. By 1923, the Chillicothe-Saucita Ranch
exceeded 25,000 acres.

The Bogel brothers introduced their brides to this place
and modified the complex to suit their growing families
and ranching needs. Gus’s wife, Maude, remembered
seeing Sauceda Ranch for the first time, describing it
as “beautiful, [with] a running creek just in back of the
house—and beautiful cottonwood trees on both sides of
the stream. There were several places where natural
waterfalls and clear deep pools with beautiful maidenhair
ferns were growing around the falls.” World War I
interrupted the ranch’s calm when members of the
Bogel family were called into military service. Drought
and the Great Depression finished off many family
ranches in the area, and by 1934 the brothers were
forced to sell their ranch.

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