Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Bend's Hot Springs

There's a place in Big Bend National Park where you can seek the same curative waters J.O. Langford sought in 1909 when he came to the area to establish a place to regain health with the 105 degree water that bubbles up from a hole in the ground, right by the Rio Grande. 

What better way to learn about geothermic energy than by putting one leg in the hot spring water and the other in cool river water? 

From the park's website:

"The Hot Springs Historic District preserves the rich history of human occupation from thousands of years past to the not-so-distant past. Visitors can study rock art left behind on the limestone cliffs, picture farms of corn, squash and beans along the river’s floodplain, or imagine what it would have been like to meet at the Hot Springs Post Office in the early 1900s to collect your mail each Monday. By exploring this area all of these stories from the past can come to life."

Click here to read more about Big Bend's Hot Springs Historic District!

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