Monday, August 13, 2012

Scenes from the River Road, Hwy 170 along the Rio Grande

Just east of Presidio, Fort Leaton State Historic Site

The southernmost loop of the historic 1960s driving route, from which our organization was formed, snakes by the Rio Grande from Presidio to Terlingua.  Hwy 170, known as the River Road was part of the grand plan by the State of Texas to introduce our great places to the world during HemisFair '68.  They put up highway signs for 10 looped driving "trails" throughout Texas to take travelers to places that are uniquely Texan.  So along with the Texas Forts Trail, Texas Plains Trail, Texas Forest Trail and so on, our Texas Mountain Trail was begun.

It wasn't until the late 1990s that our non-profits started developing, each a regionally-based, regionally-governed organization assisted by the Texas Historical Commission and charged with promoting heritage tourism.  Our Texas Mountain Trail was formed in 2005, and we've been promoting Far West Texas, supporting communities, and developing tourism products--like the Far West Texas Wildlife Trail (with TPWD), cycle-friendly programs and the new Peak Fitness Challenge.

We use this blog to introduce our special Far West Texas places to travelers, so you can plan trips to our region...trips that provide you with the kind of adventure YOU want.  Seeing it here on the blog is nice, but seeing it in person is terrific, right?  So next time you're in the region, plan to take in the beauty of the River Road.  It is one of the most scenic drives you'll find in the entire state! 

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