Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Great Place to Sit...Relax! Rocking Chairs of the Historic Hotel Limpia!

Nothing like sitting in a rocking chair to chase away "the city" and start a relaxing stay in the mountains.  This week, we're featuring the rocking chairs of the historic Hotel Limpia in Fort Davis.  Truly a centerpiece for this historic city...the hotel's roots are noted on their website:

"Visitors to Fort Davis in 1884 found a hotel quite different from The Hotel Limpia as it stands today.
The original structure, opened on May 31, 1884 by James Kebbee, was built of red brick and located in what was and is still called Newtown, just outside the Old Fort Davis grounds.

When the Old Fort (a post-Civil War outpost, now Fort Davis National Historic Site) was abandoned, the town of Fort Davis almost closed down and the original “Limpia Hotel” became a private residence during the 1890′s.

In mid-1912 the Union Trading Company, which was owned by local stockholders J.W. Espy, J.P. Weatherby, and Nick Mersfelder, purchased land from Daniel Murphy for a building site for a new hotel.

Murphy had acquired the land from Pedro Guano, who had been deeded the land in return for service in the Army of the Republic of Texas.

Construction of the hotel began the same year under the direction of Campbell and Bance Contractors. Both The Hotel Limpia and the Fort Davis State Bank were built by Campbell and Bance."
Take a cue from Tux, the resident "manager" of the
Limpia Hotel...this fella knows how to relax!

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