Friday, October 25, 2013

Big Bend is Back in Business!

Road into the Chisos Mountains of Big Bend
National Park
The Window and the wonderful Chisos Mountain Lodge
 Eager to get back here?  Back to the Big Bend?  Everything is open now and we're ready for you!
The Chisos Mountain Lodge is open, the campgrounds are open (links: and, the trails are open, the outfitters are ready for you, and even the Boquillas Crossing to Mexico is open!
Birding platform by Rio Grande Village

Travel Spotlight -the Rocking Chairs of the Hotel Limpia

Many of our travelers visit Big Bend and then head up
to the Davis Mountains on the same trip.  If you do, one of
the best places to relax in Fort Davis is the
historic HotelLimpia...on one of their many rocking chairs! 

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