Friday, October 18, 2013

Open for business! (Also an update on trail conditions at Guadalupe Mountains National Park)

After a LONG wait, our national parks facilities are OPEN!
(See our Travel Spotlight below for specific information on trail openings for Guadalupe Mountains National Park!)
Chamizal National Memorial in El Paso
Fort Davis National Historic Site
The view from the Top of Texas,
Guadalupe Peak in
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Big Bend National Park's Lost Mine Trail
Our parks are open and ready for visitors like YOU.  This is a great time to explore our state's great mountains, historic sites and parks! 

Travel Spotlight--Update on Trail Conditions in Guadalupe Mountains National Park! 

Click on the map for a closer view!
 We wanted to share the latest information on trail conditions at Guadalupe Mountains National Park because the fall color season is quickly approaching and so many of our fans travel to the park this time of year!

Last night the park issued a detailed update on trail closures; many trails are not open due to flood damage from the September rains:

McKittrick Canyon Trail is open from McKittrick Canyon Trailhead to Dog Canyon.

Also open:
*Guadalupe Peak Trail
*Manzanita Spring
*McKittrick Nature Loop
*Permian Reef
*Indian Meadows Trail
*Manzanita Ridge Route

*West Side of the Smith Spring Trail (east side between Smith Spring and Manzanita Spring is closed)
*Tejas Trail open from Dog Canyon to Marcus/Blue Ridge Trail Junction (but closed from Marcus/Blue Ridge Trail Junction to Pine Springs)
*El Capitan open to Salt Basin Overlook (but closed from Salt Basin Overlook to Shumard Canyon)
*Guadalupe Canyon Trail open to Salt Basin Overlook

All other trails in the park are closed.  Trail work and repair continues, and the park cautions visitors to take special care on trails undergoing work.  Do not go near working equipment and wait for trail crews to shut down equipment before passing.

For more information about trail conditions, visit the park website at:

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