Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Two apps to help you get insider information!

If you're looking for travel apps for our region, there's some good news!  A new regional travel app was launched this week to help visitors find the best of Marfa.

The new Marfa app, launched just yesterday, was designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and was created by Buck Johnston, the developer behind marfalist.org, just in time for this year's Chinati Weekend.

The app for Marfa is particularly helpful because this small town has a scarcity of street signs (which can make it hard to find things) but plenty of "hidden jewels" for visitors to discover. Sometimes visitors arrive in the small town and wonder, "What is there to do?" and "Where is everyone?" The app will tell you what's happening, and the maps will help you find it!

We've always thought El Paso was a surprisingly charming city, you just had to get off the freeway and discover the neighborhoods and its history and culture. The Visit El Paso app, provided by the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau was updated this summer to include events in the city, and additional photos and videos. If you want some help finding your own adventure in the city, it also offers half- and full-day travel itineraries with stop-by-stop directions.  The Visit El Paso app was created by PhiDev, Inc.

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