Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Our Project with Texas Folklife--Ranch Cooking with Bob Kinford

Our Texas Mountain Trail non-profit organization is working with the statewide Texas Folklife to document foodways in Far West Texas, for their project "A Place at the Table."  As a part of that project, we interviewed Van Horn's "Cowboy Gourmet," Bob Kinford, who is a cookbook author, cowboy cook and humorist, advocate for agriculture and a teacher of low-stress stockmanship and holistic grazing without extra fencing. 

Earlier this summer, Bob demonstrated his dutch oven cooking with a breakfast omelet, full of ham and cheese and chiles.  We documented his process...take a look at it here.  Looks great, right?
Click HERE to reach our six page mini-document on Bob, his cooking and his dutch oven omelet, with links to more information!

Bob's cookbook, The Gourmet Cowboy, is available through, here.

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